Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Arresting...It's not free, but it's HAWT

I couldn't resist taking pictures this new release from Reasonable Desires is too hot not to have fun. Get it for just 175L TOTALLY worth it and TONS of options! Strip Search...get it NOW! (gun not included but hat & night stick are)

A New Challenge...are you game?

I was reading on What the Fug about finding new, inexpensive things for guys & girls to look good. Now, I know it's a challenge for my husband to find good, quality, inexpensive things for his avie and I must say he's dropped (as my friend would say) a "grip" to look as hot as he does. That being said, I was reading the comments and read one from Pumpkin Saenz and hopped over to her blog. (Funny how reading blogs can lead to so much blog-hopping you've wasted all of your day, huh?)
One of her posts was a challenge to sign up for a new alt and in under an hour & a half, pimp your avvie to look as hot as you can, spending under 100L. (read the challenge for complete details at her blog). I thought it was a fan feckingtastic idea, so if you're reading this & want to meet up for the challenge, i.m. me in-world & les doit! But...I think it should be a dude alt. Now THAT'S a challenge!!
*makes note to be sure & create more dude shapes*

Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Look Everything is 1L

First Look is reopened on LVS...everything is 1L! yay! I picked up a few cute things.

Elate! Group Gift

I love Elate! Kellie Iwish is always very generous to her group, and a great designer, to boot. This is from her new releases out now. It's called Sylvia.

I got an lm for a new AM Radio exhibit and popped over there for a peak. It's pretty get a dragonfly for your shoulder & wear a hud to see the exhibit. I took pictures.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I was minding my business, the other night, tp'ing to lucky chairs & midnight mania...when I got a group im from Travis Roecastle, at Nightwish Designs Boots & More about some boots for the Midnight Mania. I tp'd over & hit the MM. Although I'm not usually a cowboy boot sorta' gal (btw, country music makes my ears bleed) I thought, what the heck, let's just see. When I got them, I couldn't take them off! A CUUUUUUTE pair of red boots! (and tonight, I got some BLACK BOOTS! (THANK YOU TRAVIS)

SO, Travis announces in our lucky chair group that he's just added a blue pair in the MM. I sashay over there to hit it and while I'm there, I see the lucky toilet (crack my happy ass up) and the lucky phone booth (thank you to Lava Inside for the recent freebie giveaway) and we're talking along with Brandy Sugarplum, (isn't she gorgeous?!) who was funny as hell! My husband, Conplexus comes over & we all began chatting and laughing & lighting bodily gasses...well, you get the idea. We were laughing and being crude. Long story longer...just get over to Nightwish because they've got some great boots and funny people there! You'll enjoy stalking the toilet and hitting the MM because the quality rocks! and the owners are even better
Here's your flying toilet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Midnight Madness!!!

The other night I was going around, hitting all the midnight mania boards people were yelling out and I hit Dilly Dolls. I had hit that one earlier in the week but there was like, one short to make the limit. This time, I got it! So, I was thinking it was one plaid color & that I would be eh, so-so about it. OMG I love it! A bunch of choices for colors, and the skirt is scripted so you can resize it and change the color! But that's not all...I also hit the A-Bomb midnight mania board and won these shoes! I thought they were really cute in the picture, but once I got them on, realized they're also scripted to change colors & resize! Rock on! I can't script my way out of a paper bag, so I really appreciate talented scripters. I don't have the lms included but I'm sure you can search...right? *the fatbelt I'm wearing is not free--it's a Callie Cline. The skin I'm wearing is one of the Cupcakes-Seduction skins from the Easter hunt.

Oh...there's a cute little couples pose rocker at Belle Belle Furniture & it's in the lucky chair. The Midnight Madness (Mania?) there is a piece of a living room set. (at first, I thought it was the whole set--don't be decieved as I was ;) )

While I was at CnS Poses, I saw the info for an upcoming VIP Hunt, it's where you buy a key for L200 to get the landmarks for designers who've made exclusive items for the hunt. Supposedly, it's to eliminate the freebie biz in a box stuff. I'm not sure I want to buy the key yet...I think I want to find out who's going to be involved, first. The hunt starts May 1 so if you hear anything, i.m. me in-world or email me here, k? (alexxusbourne at gmail dot com)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Okay, I just had to do it

When you stand around long enough at a lucky chair, waiting for a damn A that NEVER comes...all the while, standing next to this person with, yes...A FREAKING SUPERMODEL just begs to be fugged. I nearly thought she could be a noobie that I was fugging but NO, she's been on since 2007!! I'm sorry but there are enough freebies in this slworld that you can look better than Freebie Dungeon! So without further adieu....She's a SUPERMODEL!
Note the BLANG, the freebie heart necklace that we all got as noobs, and I swear to all things holy I had this gown from the freebie dungeon in black. Yes, I admit when I was new, I did...oh, and did I mention the lovely shoes? And the noobie pose--no ao. Maybe I need to just take a breath & relax...maybe this is an av that's not logged in much. Maybe, um. That's all I got.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Chaisuki Skin Hunt

You're looking for eggs. I didn't find them all but did find that these skins are very pretty. Looks like the hunt ends soon, so if you want some of these skins & tattoos, hurry!! The hand print one also has hand prints on the butt. The "sun kissed" skin has...kisses and then there's a non tattoo'd skin.
I also got some tattoos, the flash tattoo was cool, imo.
Search Chaisuki skin!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rawr! Yum! Moo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is that? A new slanguage??'s the 3 new things you can get at Reasonable Desires!

Get Rawr for being in the Reasonable Desires group. Get Moo for having Reasonable Desires in your Picks (if you're new to that, it might take about 24 hours for sl to register the Picks) and get Yum EXCLUSIVELY in the lucky chair!

Each set has the option of wearing garters or not, and also has the option of bra or cami! Hurry to Reasonable Desires, NOW! (I don't have the slurl but I'm sure you can perform the search function like a grown up, right?)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

What's Up Bunny 10L for today only!

At Reasonable Desires, for TODAY ONLY, get this What's Up Bunny costume for only 10L!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

KOSH & K&S Jewelry

I saw this outfit on another blog & HAD to get it. KOSH dollarbie. Get it NOW because I'm not sure how long it'll be there. (search in sl, sorry, I didn't keep the slurl)

Jewelry doesn't match, it's K&S and I didn't save the slurl for that either, but it's only available till tomorrow in an Easter egg in the store. run now.

[AV] Free Speerit, Cindy Looby & Diesel Works

Both dresses are from [AV] dollarbie & subscribo freebies. Skin, hair, eyes: Free Speerit--I just left one skin group to join this one...I think it'll definitely be a keeper! (skin on the left is a Rockberry hunt skin.
Cindy Looby earrings freebie--the golden egg in the store. Diesel Works egg sit ball. All FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! The boots: not free, they're Redgrave.

Bold Bunny @ Reasonable Desires

If you haven't already gotten your Easter outfit (or maybe you'd just like a hot little number to wear), make sure you hop over to Reasonable Desires for Bold Bunny! Only 125L! Also comes with the option of a full, sheer body stocking.

Reasonable Desires

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Le Zoo

Check it out...a Bat Cave at Le Zoo (home of Cupcakes) it's pretty cool, when you go through the door it drops you down below the sim to a bat cave & then you walk to see the sharks & turtles in the aquarium. I recommend when you're exploring to definitely check this out!
There are some freebies & dollarbies around the sim, as well. I got a job, while there, you can see how well I liked it. ;)

Friday, April 3, 2009


I'm not able to log in atm, but I just checked a blog & ETD is now reopened!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!
See the ETD Blog here I cannot wait to get home & log in! *sighs* it won't be till late tonight.

Please, hun, eat a cracker...

She just needs to eat...something. (ignore the crappy reflection from the latest sl viewer thankyouverymuch)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baistice Group Freebie!

New Baiastice Group Freebie dropped on me tonight. Love it! I went over to Harold for the picture.

The entire outfit comes with the hat and the sunglasses too! The only exception is the shoes, that came from Line & were like, 85L--cheap and cute! My fave--well, free would be even better ;)

Squeeeeeee! Subscribo/Group Freebies!

I got in one of my subscribo notices that Prism Haute Couture had a new subscribo gift for the week as well as a gift with purchase. While I was there, I was greeted by the designer, Journey McLaglen and her Marketing VP, Loxley Tatham. Both ladies are adorably friendly! There's a gift every Wednesday! This week, it's Shine in a beautiful mint color, perfect for spring! I really felt like this was a moody dress, so I got all moody for the pic.
Hair: Aimee (free from Maitreya a long time ago)
Skin: Freebie from [42]
Eyelashes: Freebie from Sky Everett Designs at the RFyre mall
Dress: Shine from Prism Haute Couture
While I as at Prism, I bought a cute little frilly cocktail dress (also named Frilly) and I knew that my gift with purchase would go fabulously with it! For the next 3 days your gift w/purchase is the lacey bangle bracelets. RUN!
(if you can't see, just click on the picture & it'll enlarge) GORGEOUS dress and bracelets!

You should also check out this adorable Parker outfit, that comes with shorts, skirt, 2 pairs of pants, 2 versions of vest (open or closed) and includes prim collars & cuffs! OH AND SHOOOOOOOOOOZ! Definitely go there, it's a great deal! I LOVE black pinstripes, and the textures are not lost on this ensemble.
(One of these days I'll get to my to-do list on my bulletin board!) hehe Skin: Lionskins (from their sale)
Hair: Curl Up & Die, Helena from the camping chair
Glasses: Part of Reasonable Desires' School Girl costume