Sunday, March 17, 2013

I've been fused pink!

Instead of feeling Irish green today, I went pink instead.  I did most of the Depraved Nation Pink Fusion Hunt.  One thing about this hunt is that each item is 5L and I sort of forgot that as I was making my way through it because I got that "kill it and drag it home" mentality that THIS was the hunt I was going to finish!!  I also didn't have my hunt partner today or it probably would've gotten worse but I ran on my alt as she's very neglected and poor.
I used to do hunts all the time when I was "slyounger" and I had forgotten that it was because of these that I found some of my favorite stores.  While this isn't entirely free, 5L isn't much to part with for the quality of items you get and if you want to just land at the stores you like you can check the list in the link above to see pictures of what you'll get.
The one thing I REALLY wanted to get is the one from Deer.  It's some really cool shoes that I know my alt (and my main avi) would wear a lot!  *If you know where that thing is, hit me with an i.m. and let me know because I was stumped there for quite awhile.*
So here's what I got:
Hair: Truth  (Not free)
Skin: Modish  (PF Hunt)
Dress:  [Sakide]  (PF Hunt)
Mesh Eyes: Modish (Depraved Nation Group Gift)
Tattoos: Endless Pain (PF Hunt)
Piercing:  Hebenon Vial
Armband:  Kennedy's Armband (Depraved Nation Group Gift)
Fingernails/Rings:  SuPerBia NaiLs (PF Hunt)
Shoes:  Forsaken (Shop Free*Style)
(Shape is not for sale yet - still tweaking it for my store - Shape it Up!)
Oh!  I went to a FREE Photo Studio with all the lights, pose stand, etc [Appartment Life]

Happy Hunting!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Epic Conquer of Twisted Hunt!

My friend Kitana and I were hunting again!  By the way, it's so good to have a friend to go on all of the fun slhunts!!!  This time, it was the Twisted Hunt Spring 2013 Delirium.

I gotta' throw out the first disclaimer that I didn't do *all* of the spots because I'm also a participant and blah blah blah, busy blah, too lazy, blah...  However, Kitana is a diehard hunter and has to complete each hunt from start to finish!  Disclaimer number 2:  I've decided that I really need to get on my poor overlooked alt so that my main inventory stops exploding beyond recognition.  With that said, I picked up from the landmark after my store, Shape it Up!   and she and I completed each stop with a few photo ops on the way.  We got really excited at one of the locations because we both found the spinning cube at the same time.  Thus, the banana dance.  We gesturebate when we're together.  Don't judge.
(me on the left, Kitana on the right)

We hunted until we got to the very end where you go through the abandoned hospital to toward the finish line...oooooooh veddy crrreeepy!! It was so creepy I thought I was gonna' die!

Then you're dropped into a labyrinth of cubes.

Finally, and I won't tell you how, we made it to the very last piece of the hunt!  The Final Prize room!!  All in a days' work for us.

The Twisted Hunt is one you don't want to miss, because so many of the participants have outstanding gifts and go out of their way to make it amazing with incredible gifts, hunts within the hunt, decoys, gachas and more. And...if you're tough enough to get through the ENTIRE hunt without losing your mind, you get a special survivor tag that's worth all of the bragging rights.  Join the Twisted Hunt Group and don't miss this one!

The RMK Bunny Hunt...Nice Idea.

My friend Kitana Baxton and I did the RMK Bunny Hunt over the weekend.  It was a cute idea but sort of lost in translation.
We got  dressed in low script/low prim, theme-worthy gear to get in the spirit.
You go to the skybox landing point, and if all the signs & things don't rez due to router issues *cough* then you don't see the sign that says to walk through the frame.  And that's just the beginning.   Once you've walked through the door under Humpty Dumpty's butt on the wall you land on the actual sim--which is very cutely decorated with all things Alice in Wonderland and start to see bunnies flying all over the place and people running amuck.
So now what to do?  Check the blog...nothing.  Check blogs from people who've blogged about the hunt and try to make sense of what you're supposed to do. we got it.  Watch the bunny and once it sh*ts out a ticket, really quickly buy it and *take* it.  (Don't count on the multi-language blog to give you that lil tidbit.)
Once I started getting a headache watching the temp rez bunnies flying ass over teakettle,  I finally just planted myself firmly near the water as no one was there and I could easily see and just fish for them, as it were.  I start getting tickets and crash a few times due to the hundreds of scripts running and aforementioned router issues.  Finally, I finished up on Monday evening...okay there are some that I didn't get because I had had just about enough of it.  One lovely encounter with someone was that they came running over to one of the bunnies I'd been watching for what seemed like an hour & a half and when it sh*t out a ticket she grabbed it and had the nerve to i.m. me and tell me not to do this, that I was "robbing" her of a bunny.  "Really?" I said.  And gave her a short answer about how I wasn't "robbing" her of anything.  Another lovely encounter was a little girl in these "cute" little frog Uggs as she bounced happily all over the sim, following bunny after bunny and each time she bounced, her boots let out a frog noise...cute...NOT.
Maybe it was because I also got the stomach flu over the weekend but I had run out of patience.  So I went over to the ticket trading table to do a little trading of my extras.  Two asshats sat on me.  That was polite.  I asked if someone would like to trade for the extras I had and someone did trade me one of the tickets.  Fast forward to tonight, when my friend i.m's me and says that one of the people she traded with gave her a ticket that had already been redeemed.  Since I hadn't redeemed all of my tickets --because by the way, you get to hunt for the redemption places too--I checked the ticket that I had traded for and sure enough, it had been redeemed also.  So far, the gifts that I had the patience to find and redeem have been very nice, and I discovered many new-to-me places and great items to buy, so that was good.  All of the hunters though?  Meh...I think this was a great concept, but it seems that maybe there was a communication problem between the people putting it on, the hunters, and the participants.  The stores involved were all VERY nice though, and I don't mean to be ungrateful because I'm not.
Since I was having so many danged issues, this was the best picture I could get of Kitana and mesh bunny head and Kitana's beautiful wig weren't rezzing for me.  GRR!
Finally, I needed to just sit and be pissed. I had a *Bunny Hunt Fail*