Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Release at Reasonable Desires!!

Maid to be Naughty
At Reasonable Desires, right now! From left to right in this picture is most of the staff from RD...PCheeks Lovencraft, Isabeau Reinard, me, Austie Peglar, Sileny Noel, DarionMonkee Levitt, JaCiCa Damone.
When we got done posing, we all touched PC's ass & danced! Pffffft! Only in sl!
Austie wanted us to show an ass shot. Done.
Oh, and when she sends you a gift the night before April Fool's Day, and you keep trying to put it on and you're still naked? It's not you, it's not sl's glitches....IT'S APRIL FOOL'S DAY!
hahahaha! I'll get you, my pretty!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lucky Board for Hair

I found these hairs on xlstreet and then tp'd to the store to buy one of the demos when I found a lucky board! Yay! As soon as I landed, I got an A! woot!

The hairs are only $150 to purchase & you get blonde, "blown", dark "blown" and red. Not bad for 4 hairs. They also have some 10L hairs. I found 2 hairs for free on xlstreet, as well. They're not bad, I must say!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

One of my freebies...and a 1L

One of the things I got tonight was this really cool skin from Skinzor, it's called Halloweenie but it can be used for high fashion, too, in my opinion. I also got this pose chair that has 5 poses...a nice price at 1L (maybe it was 5) from *Elisa* . These places can be found in search, I'm sure, since I don't have the slurl here.

A day in slife

So, my friend, Sileny sent out an i.m. to the group to go to the new extended sim to Starlust--Harold. She said there was a playground there with lots o' freebies...2 things I LOVE are the Starlust Motel and freebies! So, I just had to pop over! Lots of pose balls to play on the monkey bars & teeter totter. I had fun all by my own self. Then I checked out some of the stores...for example:

This place sells the scooters for when I get old...yeah, like THAT'S gonna' happen! :P

So, I checked out part of the rest of the sim, and came upon this place. There's something about Starlust and its sister sims: Lloyd, Floyd and now, Harold...there's always a ton of whimsey, which seems like such a nerdy word but I can't think of a better way to describe it. Totally unique spots to check out and a surprise around every corner.

Yep, that's me, riding a horse like I was in the mutherf*ckin cavalry!

There was also some interesting artwork there...

Then I got called to help a riot vend--it's a thing where you get as many people to stand next to this sign and the price keeps going lower and lower till it reaches its lowest--and then you can buy it. This was at Hatpins--they have some beautiful hats, and although these hats weren't my taste, I thought I'd help some peeps out who wanted them. So I stood there & went afk for a few. lol I took a screenshot just for the hell of it.

Then I got a call for a midnight mania board--it's where you have to have like, 50 people or in this case--100--touch the board and if everyone does by midnight, you get whatever is in the midnight mania. I sometimes get not-so-great things but sometimes I get really great things, so it's fun--a crap shoot, if you will. ;)

And now, I think I'm going to check out all the stuff I got, this evening, and save/purge. So, for my friend, Freeyrmind in Tropicalifornia, this is just one of the ways I waste my time at night. ;) xooxox

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I was dropped this unusually awesome chair from Cheran Snook, of Atargatis http://slurl.com/secondlife/Four/35/112/22 where you'll find all kinds of things for diving, mermaids/mermen...and a stork where you sit inside its beak and that's not all! Go see for yourself! Cheran makes everything, and I was amazed!

I bought a mermaid suit while I was there, and it's beautiful! It also comes with the hud, so swimming like a mermaid comes very easy! Go see Cheran & tell her Alexx sent you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

So here's the deal...

I introduced my friend to sl and she said, "so you guys are freaky in sl--that's cool." But I'm not sure that this friend "gets it"...and I love this friend so I want to sort of give her a tour of sl through my eyes. I'm gonna' be blogging some of my favorite things to do in sl and fave places to see. But that's not all, I suppose my favorite thing about second life is being able to play Barbies (tm) (whatever, mattel don't sue my ass cuz there's nothing there!). In sl I get to change my doll ALL THE TIME! Change her hair, makeup, shape, clothing, shoes...you name it...it rocks! And, I suppose that since I used to play Barbies (trademark blah blah blah) forever, this makes sense--it's the grown-up doll. (without getting into trademark infringements with either second life or Mattel Barbie! So....without further adieu...I make fun of people...I pretend I have an L.A. figure...I pretend I can afford most clothing (that I don't think is stupid to waste four American dollars on); I can live like a single woman f'ing my partnered model-quality-sexy-man/husband and I can have a job that doesn't require 40 hours a week, although sometimes I think about it much more than a few, it's a job I do in real life so it's okay. I can pretend I have the ultimate high tech house and the most retro furniture that I change about every 3 weeks.
There are so many cool places I explore, like "Oz", and the Black Swan, and various sims that are just plain cool if you take the time to check it out.
So...yeah, pretty much, it's like playing Barbies (tm) for grown-ups!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

no more lucky chair stalker group?

What the hell? So, it's disbanded, but there are other lucky chair groups, and Love/Hate will be starting up a group, so there we go. If anyone has the notecard that was sent out from lcs 'splainin' what happened, I'd be glad to know.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leah at Reasonable Desires only 2L!

RUN to Reasonable Desires and pick up this fabulous bra & panty set, Leah!

Only 2L on the north wall.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reasonable Desires New Release Party

If ya'll missed this party, it was a great time! Don't worry, we'll be doing it again, soon. Here are a few pics of what you missed!

We got Isabeau in PINK! Imagine that!

But that's not all...oh no...we got my hubby, Con in lingerie! PINK lingerie...PINK pasties!! (and garter & panties!)

This party was to celebrate the new releases at Reasonable Desires--there were prizes, including a new piece called Leah--the gift was the pink version--and on the north wall of the store next to the group gifts is a 2L Leah in Black! To celebrate the Reasonable Desires group growing to 2000! (get it now!) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Reasonable%20Desires/109/231/27

Friday, March 6, 2009

This is what I had. Notes on Pic of where I got everything. (Shape UP! shape, i.m. me if you want it)

Freakin' Friday look book

I had a good post.


I got nothin.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vixen Boots Free @ Dominion

I love boots...and I especially love FREE boots!

These are the cute freebies now at Dominion! http://http//slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Dominion/201/209/30 FREE BOOTS!

Loook Into My Eyes.......

I'm not sure if this av spends part time at the pond, catching flies, or what! What the hell?!

I experienced this one while waiting for a lucky chair. Not only did she have big boobs, but she had this pose, too! While surfing her profile I found out that she's a cross-dressing dom. Shocker. What the hell?!

It always amazes me when I'm at a "high-fashion" store and I see an av with their mouth hanging open. Is it the prices? Are they shocked at the selection? Were they in one of the free sex places before they went shopping?! What the hell?!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reasonable Desires Sneak Peak!

I just got dropped the newest release from Reasonable Desires--I figured it's safe to post here, since I have no readers! Anyhoo, in case I have one or two...Reasonable Desires will be releasing Liz, very soon! I love it soooo much! I had seen it in the "workshop" at RD and asked them to name it after me because it was my favorite! Alas, they didn't...but I love it, just the same! It comes with options of the girdle with panties or without, as well as just wearing the panty with the top! PLUS! the stockings, of course! Make sure you pop over to RD for Liz, along with the lucky chairs and the group gift and vip gift!