Friday, February 27, 2009

Dahaus ROCKS!

I've gotten some of the best best furniture in sl at Dahaus Furniture! Daedulus Brink has been so generous in so many hunts; giving us his tables, chairs, lounge chairs, even a Valentine's bed! I have so many pieces from Dahaus that I've bought--I can't even tell you! Right now, he's got a contest running to name a certain bed in his store. I have a stake in it with my own entry, and want to be the one to win--but, I want you guys to check out his store!

I love the retro feel of his furniture as well as the way it's so fantasticly arranged in his store. Every time I step foot in Dahaus, I want to buy everything!! You HAVE to make this one of your stops...NOW! Check it out--and if you join his group, he doesn't spam the crap out of you. Low prim-sculpty, scripted furniture that kicks ass!

Mkay...I will add a picture when I can. My "interweb" is acting up so I can't add a photo of Dahaus. You need to go there, instead. What are you waiting for??!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

If it is for is for me!

This is my new place, pull up a chair & get comfy, because although with my title you might think it's all about freebies, I might throw a zinger out there every now & then.

After getting settled I may even throw in a "what the hell were they wearing?!" because my inventory is FULL of those pictures!!

I work as the Marketing Director for Reasonable Desires, so you're always going to find out about the latest releases. They make THE BEST lingerie & costumes in sl!!

I'm also working on some shapes...eventually, I'll start a store, but I need more time in my day!

Be back soon!