Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm an idiot for Idiosyncrasy Skins

I'm in love with Ashia Tomsen. Not THAT way...although, she's really nice, but I really love her skins! So that makes me an IDIOT for Idiosyncrasy! (see?)
I should start by saying that she's a freakin' rockstar when it comes to photoshop--you can see that on her Freestyle pictures, but when she makes her skins, they are CAPITAL B Beautiful!!!! I'm so fortunate to have made her as a new friend, and both Sileny & I have made shapes for her new skin that will be introduced at the Skin/Shape Expo 2009. (coming in September)
You'll want to get to Idiosyncrasy to get her current skins! now! Lucy is the latest, and I'm wearing one of them (#4 in tan) no glamorous pictures, just the hubster & me lounging.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Skins, Friends, and A.D.D.

I began this post in my head, thinking I wanted to show you the GORGEOUS skins I got at Cybernetics for only 1L! (hurry, I'm not sure how long it will last!) All of them are marked down, men and women's skins!!! Also, there's a beautiful gift skin as you walk in the door for the women's skin.
Here's just one example:
Then, as my break from housecleaning continued, I noticed my "bestie" was online. She's been awol from sl for some time, and has come back so I'm really happy. I went to her place to check out her new sion chickens (a sure-fire way to keep her in sl for a while!) and showed her some of the new skins I bought. We then started cleaning our inventory while chatting. She put something on that she wouldn't normally wear, so we began finding our most outrageous (for us) clothing...once on, we decided we needed to go to outer space for a photo op. Of course, we went to Inspire Space Park and began floating in space. Check out some of the pictures! It's pretty cool up there. I didn't realize when I've been there before that if you hop on a embrace pose ball, you'll start floating around in space! Seems you can always find something new in sl. I'm so glad I got to blow a couple of hours having fun with my "bestie", Ysa. ILY! :)
Now back to cleaning the house...yay.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Skins! Skin Fair!

Okay, I'm a skin hoooooooor and I'll admit it. I went to the U Vogue Skin Fair & I got these gifties (and more). The shape is one I'm working on for Shape it Up! and it's not for sale...yet.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay, not free, but HOT

You have to get over to Reasonable Desires for the latest: Boiling Point! it's only 175L and is TOTALLY worth it and more!!!!
See my other post on the costume blog and you can check out the RD Site, too! A fabulous deal, oh, and they've changed the lucky chair prizes at RD, too, there are like, 12 chairs out in front of the store & 2 inside--come & sit on the chairs & win free stuff!
Boiling Point: