Friday, October 30, 2009

DUUUUUUUUUDE! It's a dress named after me!

Okay, so I'm outing my friend, Digit Darkes...yep, we've been hangin' out a lot and I love her! (okay in the girley-friend way!) She's the best, laid-back, non-"effected", low-key, honest, generous person in sl--so when she said she wanted to have a hunt at her sim for her grand opening, I was like, "I'm in...what can I do?" so I did barely anything (I came up with the clues for the hunt and stood there talking to her and went to bed while she set up the whole, entire hunt!) And still, she named a dress after me! Wooot!! Does she rock, or what?!
You HAVE to go to her sim, ADDICTIVE and you'll get clues which will give you a gift and lead you to the next clue...please explore the sim (there are a ton of great photo ops there) and you can find all of the clues--the last clue will take you inside the Digit Darkes main store--you'll win the Alexx Dress (woot) and then you can go back to the starting point & get a 100L gift card for Digit Darkes! (there are 5 goodies & then the 100L gift card) most of the gifts are unreleased Digit Darkes clothing!!

But that's not all..........vendors have left gifts all over the garden (where you land) and those will stay for a long time.
But if you want everything else, you'd better hit her sim NOW!
Yay!!! I <3>
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the skin I'm wearing came from Lara Skins which, uh...I'd give you the slurl but it wasn't in the skin I bought. :( you can get a free skin there, too. Um...if Lara sees this, I have some space at some of my shape stores that I'd share if you need it, cuz these skins are awesome! Her place was sort of hard to get to, I heard about it through the FabFree group but I don't have the slurl now. Darn. Lovely skins, tho! help?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'll Get You, My Pretties!

So, I was standing around my house, staring at the turtle my friend, Austie, gave me...wondering when the damn thing will wake up, with my cute Ozimals beta bunnies who will soon be evaporating (sadness) because the open beta will be soon, AS IN...TOMORROW!! YAY! When, Voshie Paine sent me a message about a new lil dollarbie at her shop, LaPetite Morte. It's this CUTE pose & background! The broom is included, so you just hop on the broom and voila! you're flying over the moon! How cute is that?!
I jumped into my witch skin that Sileny made--isn't she getting so great at skins?!--for the Car Wash Hell Boppers at our Shape it Up! store, where you'll also find the Witch shape that I'm wearing--emphasis on the big nose ;) Just bob for a treat! Some tricks are included, but it's fun to see what you'll win.
Also worn:
Curl Up & Dye Hair-Helena--chair camp (not sure if it's still in the seat or not)
Witchin' Costume--Reasonable Desires Group gift last year
Digit Darkes Clyde Boots--not free, but TOTALLY worth owning!
Happy Halloween!