Monday, December 21, 2009

Free Skin! (I'm a sucker)

First, Ibizarre sent out their subscribo gift--this fantastic sweater, it's sort of a coal-blue color with a sculpted high waisted belt...LOVE it!
Secondly, Cupcakes sent out their group gift, which of course was a big ol' fatpack of skins called Brilliant...and it is...brilliant!

The hat is something I made for the upcoming shoe & accessories hunt :) I also made some mittens to match that are big & fluffy! Yay!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Needing some slrelief

I'm in a really cranky mood, so here's a shout out to my slfriends, I'm looking for some sltherapy tonight! I want some shopping, and maybe a bit of building jewelry. MAYBE. I was making a necklace (in rl) last night, and I think I want to try to make it in sl, now, and my hubby gave me a great idea that this would make a cute hip belt, as let's see if I make it in the coming week or so.
I'll see ya' around 8pm, slt!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stiletto Moody-Bare Ginger

FABULOUS! Stiletto Moody did it again with these Bare Ginger shoes! I love how the skin is so easy to match & you can choose the toe ring, toe nail shades, & buckle metal!! in addition, they come with a backup--which is genious, in case you edit beyond control! (notes from experience!) They aren't free, but they are fabulous!! I chose 2 photos to show these shoes, because I couldn't choose which one I liked better...I paired them first with an Ed Hardy-esque dress from On the Catwalk,
and then I paired them with this gorgeous dress from Digit Darkes, Carson, in white. I love that this dress has tons of options as far as the corset color, buckle metal, and the belt color!! Designers who give us choices just rock as far as I'm concerned! Thank you to the lovely designers who make my second life more fashionable!

Friday, November 27, 2009

50L Black Friday

Today, I picked up some great things...I got a couple of Holiday Trees from Botanical that are simply gorgeous for 50L! I also got this great tweed jacket from Fishy Strawberry for 50L and this great skin from Glamorize was only 2L! ( landmark in the folder!) The hair in this picture is a freebie from Vive 9 & I got another really cool hair for 50L from Deviant Kitties! It was a great Black Friday for me...I didn't have to fight the crowds! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Worshipping the Stiletto Moody Gods

When Sileny told me about the Stiletto Moody free group gift, I thought, everyone and their mother will be walking around in them...I won't succumb, I won't! I got into the SM group about a year ago, and then to save group space & my lindens, got out. Then Sileny just HAD to tell me about the whole group gift deal-o...
I couldn't resist...I did it. I joined the group, and I'm betting I'm going to be buying more SM shooz! I now worship the Stiletto Moody Gods! But that wasn't enough, noooooooooooo I couldn't stop there...I went to N-Core for a pair of shoes I had seen and bought THOSE too, but for the price, I couldn't resist, I mean 595 and you've got all the options that you could want!
N-Core is here

Friday, November 20, 2009

Damn you, Truth Hawkes!

You make me love you, time and time again! Here is Micah--okay, not free, but for only 250L and you get like, 5 color choices, it's practically free! This hair is really close to the way I wear my hair in rl so I had to get it!
Truth, if I profess my love to you, will you name a hair after me, too? :) I adore how the textures, color, and movement are so perfect!! Thank you, Truth, for your new release....Micah. (stop looking at the breastages!) oh, that's a skin by Lara, and my gown is one of the new Digit Darkes Holiday gowns...

Friday, October 30, 2009

DUUUUUUUUUDE! It's a dress named after me!

Okay, so I'm outing my friend, Digit Darkes...yep, we've been hangin' out a lot and I love her! (okay in the girley-friend way!) She's the best, laid-back, non-"effected", low-key, honest, generous person in sl--so when she said she wanted to have a hunt at her sim for her grand opening, I was like, "I'm in...what can I do?" so I did barely anything (I came up with the clues for the hunt and stood there talking to her and went to bed while she set up the whole, entire hunt!) And still, she named a dress after me! Wooot!! Does she rock, or what?!
You HAVE to go to her sim, ADDICTIVE and you'll get clues which will give you a gift and lead you to the next clue...please explore the sim (there are a ton of great photo ops there) and you can find all of the clues--the last clue will take you inside the Digit Darkes main store--you'll win the Alexx Dress (woot) and then you can go back to the starting point & get a 100L gift card for Digit Darkes! (there are 5 goodies & then the 100L gift card) most of the gifts are unreleased Digit Darkes clothing!!

But that's not all..........vendors have left gifts all over the garden (where you land) and those will stay for a long time.
But if you want everything else, you'd better hit her sim NOW!
Yay!!! I <3>
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the skin I'm wearing came from Lara Skins which, uh...I'd give you the slurl but it wasn't in the skin I bought. :( you can get a free skin there, too. Um...if Lara sees this, I have some space at some of my shape stores that I'd share if you need it, cuz these skins are awesome! Her place was sort of hard to get to, I heard about it through the FabFree group but I don't have the slurl now. Darn. Lovely skins, tho! help?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'll Get You, My Pretties!

So, I was standing around my house, staring at the turtle my friend, Austie, gave me...wondering when the damn thing will wake up, with my cute Ozimals beta bunnies who will soon be evaporating (sadness) because the open beta will be soon, AS IN...TOMORROW!! YAY! When, Voshie Paine sent me a message about a new lil dollarbie at her shop, LaPetite Morte. It's this CUTE pose & background! The broom is included, so you just hop on the broom and voila! you're flying over the moon! How cute is that?!
I jumped into my witch skin that Sileny made--isn't she getting so great at skins?!--for the Car Wash Hell Boppers at our Shape it Up! store, where you'll also find the Witch shape that I'm wearing--emphasis on the big nose ;) Just bob for a treat! Some tricks are included, but it's fun to see what you'll win.
Also worn:
Curl Up & Dye Hair-Helena--chair camp (not sure if it's still in the seat or not)
Witchin' Costume--Reasonable Desires Group gift last year
Digit Darkes Clyde Boots--not free, but TOTALLY worth owning!
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Skin/Shape Expo 2009 -Tuli Skins - Bella

One word: Lucious!

I love these skins by Tuli and I have to say that I'm never disappointed by her skins and Bella is no exception! These have freckles, and normally I don't go for freckled skin, but I really like these!! Make sure you see Tuli's booth at the Skin/Shape Expo! And check out the bewbage! o.O Wow! This gown I'm wearing is from Digit Darkes-Siren--rawr!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big Blogger Challenge

My friend, Isabeau, told me about the big blogger challenge posted here. A lot of sl fashions definitely lean toward a svelt figure, so I thought this would be an interesting, if not, fun challenge! My business partner, Sileny, & I have made some bbw shapes for our store, but I can't say they've been huge (no pun intended) sellers. Nonetheless, I grabbed my partner in crime, Ysabel/Alex and went to making the shape. She wanted to try it, too, so I gave her a copy of the shape. Here's what we came up with--I thought we did pretty well--both of us went to one of our staples, Leezu! Among others. We'll show Ysabel, first:
I really loved the close-up shot. No matter what shape or size, I'm glad she's my friend & I think she's beautiful! Up next: me...
I included one of my other shapes, to see the difference. I'm going to put the Big & Beautiful shape in my store at The Deck shopping for anyone who'd like to do the challenge, as well. It'll be a freebie, but I want your post link, please :)

"Why, Ms. Usbourne, you dance divinely..."

"Oh thank you, those Arthur Murray dance classes are really paying off!"
"Ms. Reinard, our bewbs are squishing!"
...just a bit of what happens when four girls decide to go to Frank's for a girls' night. Yep, we pretty much stomped on all rules of etiquette and laughed our a$$es off at Frank's. Ysabel, Isabeau, DarionMonkee and I decided to don our gorgeous gowns and trip the light fantastic. See, none of us are looking for cyber im's but we do like to take a break from building, creating, whatever to go have fun. If you were at Frank's last night (/me waves at Harper) and were offended by us, we apologize...if we gave you some laughs, then I'm really glad we could, because we really had a good time!

After that, we got to slay a content thief and go tour a super-secret sim that's in the works of a very talented designer. The new sim is really cool & if what she was wearing is any indication of what's to come, then this fall will bring some fabulous fashion!! When she launches the new sim & fashions, I'll spill the beans. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm an idiot for Idiosyncrasy Skins

I'm in love with Ashia Tomsen. Not THAT way...although, she's really nice, but I really love her skins! So that makes me an IDIOT for Idiosyncrasy! (see?)
I should start by saying that she's a freakin' rockstar when it comes to photoshop--you can see that on her Freestyle pictures, but when she makes her skins, they are CAPITAL B Beautiful!!!! I'm so fortunate to have made her as a new friend, and both Sileny & I have made shapes for her new skin that will be introduced at the Skin/Shape Expo 2009. (coming in September)
You'll want to get to Idiosyncrasy to get her current skins! now! Lucy is the latest, and I'm wearing one of them (#4 in tan) no glamorous pictures, just the hubster & me lounging.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Skins, Friends, and A.D.D.

I began this post in my head, thinking I wanted to show you the GORGEOUS skins I got at Cybernetics for only 1L! (hurry, I'm not sure how long it will last!) All of them are marked down, men and women's skins!!! Also, there's a beautiful gift skin as you walk in the door for the women's skin.
Here's just one example:
Then, as my break from housecleaning continued, I noticed my "bestie" was online. She's been awol from sl for some time, and has come back so I'm really happy. I went to her place to check out her new sion chickens (a sure-fire way to keep her in sl for a while!) and showed her some of the new skins I bought. We then started cleaning our inventory while chatting. She put something on that she wouldn't normally wear, so we began finding our most outrageous (for us) clothing...once on, we decided we needed to go to outer space for a photo op. Of course, we went to Inspire Space Park and began floating in space. Check out some of the pictures! It's pretty cool up there. I didn't realize when I've been there before that if you hop on a embrace pose ball, you'll start floating around in space! Seems you can always find something new in sl. I'm so glad I got to blow a couple of hours having fun with my "bestie", Ysa. ILY! :)
Now back to cleaning the house...yay.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Skins! Skin Fair!

Okay, I'm a skin hoooooooor and I'll admit it. I went to the U Vogue Skin Fair & I got these gifties (and more). The shape is one I'm working on for Shape it Up! and it's not for sale...yet.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay, not free, but HOT

You have to get over to Reasonable Desires for the latest: Boiling Point! it's only 175L and is TOTALLY worth it and more!!!!
See my other post on the costume blog and you can check out the RD Site, too! A fabulous deal, oh, and they've changed the lucky chair prizes at RD, too, there are like, 12 chairs out in front of the store & 2 inside--come & sit on the chairs & win free stuff!
Boiling Point:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Retro Swimsuit from Digit Darkes

There's a hunt at the SL 6th birthday sim from Digit Darkes & Baiastice, and I got this "retro mocha bikini" from Digit Darkes. There are 12 stars to find in the sky above, and at the landing point are some cyber skins & futuristic hairs & eyes.

The hair is from Hair Solutions, at the Hair Fair--this one's Victoria. Skin from Cupcakes, Shape is Robin, from Shape it Up! (Sale is still on!) Shoes are a freebie from a long time ago, by Fuel.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here's to Good Friends...Tonight is Kind of Special

Recently, I've reconnected with some of my "old" sl friends who had stepped away from sl for whatever reasons--real life got busy, changes in life, you know. A couple of weeks ago I reconnected with my friend, Forever, and it was so good to see her! We did silly things like we used to do, and it was so nice to sit and laugh & be silly! I've gotten far too busy with the shape biz and haven't played much at all. Working 8+ hours a day in rl plus coming home and working in sl was making me cranky. So, we went to RC Cluster. I freakin' love that store! I was determined to buy one of the sofa cusion forts, so I did it! yay! We took lots of pictures & even had a tea party. She was going for the Housewives of New Jersey look and I think se pulled it off! lol! Forever, thanks for being my friend, and although we can't hang out as much as we'd like, it sure is fun when we can. (huggggs!)

Another friend whom I've reconnected with is Kitana...well, that used to be her name until LL took over her account because she hadn't logged in for a couple of months--bastards! We got silly, too, and did some fishing at Katatonic--I tried to show here where the fish were. (OKAY, WHY CAN'T I MOVE MY PICTURES NOW! GRRRRRR)

King of Pop

We've all heard that Michael Jackson passed. It's weird...just weird. I believe he was such a musical genious and it's sad that it's ended.

Cheap Love Song put out a King of Pop shirt out for 0L and it's got the male or female version as well as all the layer options.

The jacket is from Aoharu and is not free. The skin is from Cupcakes--they put their grab bags out for 250L, and for each gift bag purchased, you got a 500L giftcard--nice deal, if you ask me, and I LOVE all the Cupcakes skins! Shoes are from Digit Darkes and not free. Jeans were a gift from Ibizarre from the Ghost Hunt '08. Earrings are from Chuculet's dollar store. Shape is Robin, from Shape it Up! where we're having a sale on all shapes only at our location at The Deck, and they're all 24L-74L. The hair is (I think) a Hair Fair 2008 gift from Magika.

I tried to get around Hair Fair 2009 and had a huge challenge. Although I think the idea of the design was cute, the lag killed me. I found a really cute hair by Curio and wanted to go back and get it but can't remember where, exactly, the location was. I had to tp out just to let the hair rez long enough to see if I liked it. I know, a lot of people complain about lag, and it's sort of the norm for Hair Fair, so I guess I'm no different. I did pick up a few, and a couple of freebies. I'm deciding whether or not I want to try to go back & get through the sludge...we'll see.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free goodness!

Free skin from Glance (look for the mirror on the front desk) *thanks to Suri Christen for the hint at Freestyle! You get 2 skins in this hunt and both are yummy!

The entire outfit including shoes came from DPD (Deux Petite Dahl) I'm pretty sure it was in the midnight mania, might be a different outfit now, but always worth checking it out. I think I got this one at the Le Zoo location.

Hair, free from the Truth sale...don't know if it's still going, but great free stuff! :)

Oh! and the SHAPE was free! Sophie is the shape in the free box at the Onyx Noir sim--Shape it Up!
**excuse the unediting of this picture**I really need to get to bed, I have to get to work at oh-dark-thirty. o.O

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ivalde is closing :(

It's a sad day...Ivalde is closing. It was one of the first stores I stumbled upon at Retrology when I'd first landed in sl and I fell in love, instantly. I couldn't wait to spend my lindens on my first dress, there.
Nef has been soo soo generous with her designs and gifts, she's truly a talent that will be missed. My only hope is that this is just, "so long, until we meet again" and not "goodbye".

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank You, Designers!

This thank you is for Claire, at Symphony Skins (ltd edition skin) and the lovely ladies at House of Heart (this is the Tuli hair in brown). I'm still unpacking my boxes from the blogger appreciation, but I wanted to publicly thank you! (each of you who gave were more than generous to those of us who love to blog about your creations!)



Alice in Wonderland Hunt

Here's what you get at Reasonable Desires! The WHOLE outfit (sans shoes) for free! Look for the mirror!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank you, Callie Cline!!!

I first started buying caLLie cLine clothing when there was a "freebie geebie" week at Callie's so long ago. I ended up discovering her clothing and buying a lot, then. My friend, Alexanndrea and I, saw the model of the month contest and thought it would be really fun to enter, since we both LOVED caLLie's designs and share the same brain.

We chatted with caLLie and were in awe of how friendly she was and submitted our entries. WE WON!

caLLie was SO FUN to work with on the photo shoot, and very professional; lots of fun and I really knew that the she was as genuine as they come. We were featured in BoSL Magazine and I will never forget the honor. My friend, Alex, has since found other things to do but we keep in touch...we still talk about our caLLie experience with fond memories.
I'm looking for pictures of the 3 of us and now I'm not finding them! :( but, I do have a few of our photos of Alex and me. caLLie made it 3 kinds of fun! *btw, Callie, if you have them, I'd love a copy!*

My favorite all-time caLLie cReation:

Black Swan


To Callie Cline, for making a special group and an entire week of blogger appreciation, thank you! To all of her officers (I'm sorry I don't have them all at this moment) THANK YOU! I really hope the fashion bloggers group stays open because I've found it to be a wonderfully positive, supportive group of lovely people.
I'm still working to get all of my gifties opened and photos taken and blogged, but I want all of the designers who gave gifts to know that every day, you are the ones who make sl so special! I appreciate all of the time and effort it takes to create everything you do, and I admire it and am so grateful!!
Next, Sileny Noel and I have opened our first Shape it UP! Store at Dilly Dolls, and our main location will open this weekend! *I'm not in-world at this time, so I don't have pictures, but know that I will post them soon, as I've been so busy rl & sl!*
THERE ARE FREEBIES at our Dilly Dolls location! (please search for the Dilly Dolls sim & you'll find us on the tp pad) .
And, finally...I was extremely busy, last night with the FIVE! YES, FIVE new releases from Reasonable Desires!! I've been busy, but not as busy as Austie and Marti! WOW! If you like Alice in Wonderland, you have to stop by and pick up Oh Alice! Also, the awesomeness that is Queen of Hearts! Then, if goth is more your flavor, there are 3 new goth outfits that are way cool and combine leather & lace in a fabulous way! (Sileny said I need to make a post but since I was up so late with the release, I didn't get pics taken last night! But I will, tonite!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh for the love of generosity!

Oh wow...the generosity has been amazing!!! I am still going through all of the lovely gifts from the blogger appreciation week, and I took pictures of our garden party at Callie's place. Everyone was sooooooooooooooooo generous!!! Much love to the designers and bloggers and Callie! xooxoxoxo

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I probably should've found a cool place to take this picture, like Harold or something, but when I picked up this character skin in the Rockberry Skins group notice, I was inspired. I also picked up this free men's hair (thank you to the Freestyle blog for the tip) at Uncleweb (look around the front desk). I knew I had to wear an outfit from The Black Canary (not free, although it could be in Morrigan's lucky chair now.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Arresting...It's not free, but it's HAWT

I couldn't resist taking pictures this new release from Reasonable Desires is too hot not to have fun. Get it for just 175L TOTALLY worth it and TONS of options! Strip Search...get it NOW! (gun not included but hat & night stick are)

A New Challenge...are you game?

I was reading on What the Fug about finding new, inexpensive things for guys & girls to look good. Now, I know it's a challenge for my husband to find good, quality, inexpensive things for his avie and I must say he's dropped (as my friend would say) a "grip" to look as hot as he does. That being said, I was reading the comments and read one from Pumpkin Saenz and hopped over to her blog. (Funny how reading blogs can lead to so much blog-hopping you've wasted all of your day, huh?)
One of her posts was a challenge to sign up for a new alt and in under an hour & a half, pimp your avvie to look as hot as you can, spending under 100L. (read the challenge for complete details at her blog). I thought it was a fan feckingtastic idea, so if you're reading this & want to meet up for the challenge, i.m. me in-world & les doit! But...I think it should be a dude alt. Now THAT'S a challenge!!
*makes note to be sure & create more dude shapes*

Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Look Everything is 1L

First Look is reopened on LVS...everything is 1L! yay! I picked up a few cute things.

Elate! Group Gift

I love Elate! Kellie Iwish is always very generous to her group, and a great designer, to boot. This is from her new releases out now. It's called Sylvia.

I got an lm for a new AM Radio exhibit and popped over there for a peak. It's pretty get a dragonfly for your shoulder & wear a hud to see the exhibit. I took pictures.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I was minding my business, the other night, tp'ing to lucky chairs & midnight mania...when I got a group im from Travis Roecastle, at Nightwish Designs Boots & More about some boots for the Midnight Mania. I tp'd over & hit the MM. Although I'm not usually a cowboy boot sorta' gal (btw, country music makes my ears bleed) I thought, what the heck, let's just see. When I got them, I couldn't take them off! A CUUUUUUTE pair of red boots! (and tonight, I got some BLACK BOOTS! (THANK YOU TRAVIS)

SO, Travis announces in our lucky chair group that he's just added a blue pair in the MM. I sashay over there to hit it and while I'm there, I see the lucky toilet (crack my happy ass up) and the lucky phone booth (thank you to Lava Inside for the recent freebie giveaway) and we're talking along with Brandy Sugarplum, (isn't she gorgeous?!) who was funny as hell! My husband, Conplexus comes over & we all began chatting and laughing & lighting bodily gasses...well, you get the idea. We were laughing and being crude. Long story longer...just get over to Nightwish because they've got some great boots and funny people there! You'll enjoy stalking the toilet and hitting the MM because the quality rocks! and the owners are even better
Here's your flying toilet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Midnight Madness!!!

The other night I was going around, hitting all the midnight mania boards people were yelling out and I hit Dilly Dolls. I had hit that one earlier in the week but there was like, one short to make the limit. This time, I got it! So, I was thinking it was one plaid color & that I would be eh, so-so about it. OMG I love it! A bunch of choices for colors, and the skirt is scripted so you can resize it and change the color! But that's not all...I also hit the A-Bomb midnight mania board and won these shoes! I thought they were really cute in the picture, but once I got them on, realized they're also scripted to change colors & resize! Rock on! I can't script my way out of a paper bag, so I really appreciate talented scripters. I don't have the lms included but I'm sure you can search...right? *the fatbelt I'm wearing is not free--it's a Callie Cline. The skin I'm wearing is one of the Cupcakes-Seduction skins from the Easter hunt.

Oh...there's a cute little couples pose rocker at Belle Belle Furniture & it's in the lucky chair. The Midnight Madness (Mania?) there is a piece of a living room set. (at first, I thought it was the whole set--don't be decieved as I was ;) )

While I was at CnS Poses, I saw the info for an upcoming VIP Hunt, it's where you buy a key for L200 to get the landmarks for designers who've made exclusive items for the hunt. Supposedly, it's to eliminate the freebie biz in a box stuff. I'm not sure I want to buy the key yet...I think I want to find out who's going to be involved, first. The hunt starts May 1 so if you hear anything, i.m. me in-world or email me here, k? (alexxusbourne at gmail dot com)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Okay, I just had to do it

When you stand around long enough at a lucky chair, waiting for a damn A that NEVER comes...all the while, standing next to this person with, yes...A FREAKING SUPERMODEL just begs to be fugged. I nearly thought she could be a noobie that I was fugging but NO, she's been on since 2007!! I'm sorry but there are enough freebies in this slworld that you can look better than Freebie Dungeon! So without further adieu....She's a SUPERMODEL!
Note the BLANG, the freebie heart necklace that we all got as noobs, and I swear to all things holy I had this gown from the freebie dungeon in black. Yes, I admit when I was new, I did...oh, and did I mention the lovely shoes? And the noobie pose--no ao. Maybe I need to just take a breath & relax...maybe this is an av that's not logged in much. Maybe, um. That's all I got.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Chaisuki Skin Hunt

You're looking for eggs. I didn't find them all but did find that these skins are very pretty. Looks like the hunt ends soon, so if you want some of these skins & tattoos, hurry!! The hand print one also has hand prints on the butt. The "sun kissed" skin has...kisses and then there's a non tattoo'd skin.
I also got some tattoos, the flash tattoo was cool, imo.
Search Chaisuki skin!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rawr! Yum! Moo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is that? A new slanguage??'s the 3 new things you can get at Reasonable Desires!

Get Rawr for being in the Reasonable Desires group. Get Moo for having Reasonable Desires in your Picks (if you're new to that, it might take about 24 hours for sl to register the Picks) and get Yum EXCLUSIVELY in the lucky chair!

Each set has the option of wearing garters or not, and also has the option of bra or cami! Hurry to Reasonable Desires, NOW! (I don't have the slurl but I'm sure you can perform the search function like a grown up, right?)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

What's Up Bunny 10L for today only!

At Reasonable Desires, for TODAY ONLY, get this What's Up Bunny costume for only 10L!!!