Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ivey Deschanel -- You've done it again!!

So, after my post about the Exodi Hunt Ivey Deschanel (of Sn@tch fame!) passed me a notecard about her DIVE hunt. OMG! It was so much fun, and sooooo cool!!! You get a hud for your screen to just make the hunt a little more interesting. (seen below) I wish I'd have taken pictures along the way, but I met another new friend! We hammered the clues out together, and it made it much more fun! (I'll go back through & post pictures because the theme of the hunt and the story, drama, intrigue--it was FABULOUS!!!!!) It wasn't so hard that I got frustrated, but I did notice some asshat tp in at the very last spot--which, to me made them the double loser because they lost out on all of the goodies along the way!!! I shall be opening my goodies soon, and will post pics, but if you haven't done the DIVE hunt --you MUST make it a part of your Halloween fun-ness! Here's the starting point! Kudos to Ivey and her Pulse team--you made another great slmemory for me! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Wow--it's been awhile since I've completed a hunt. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but they're all pretty much the same. Not since I did a Halloween hunt as a semi-newbie (it was the school hunt & dropped you into the Sn@tch store) have I participated in one that was this much fun! You have to collect all of the clues (65 in all) and talk to all of the "witnesses" (I don't remember how many) then you can solve the crime & go collect your goodies. There's stuff for guys & girls, and I must admit, I finally yelled out for some help & of course met some new friends, that way! (thank you, Cerrie & Giselle!) The following are just a FEW of the fun things I got at this hunt. (there was a!)
Skins, (all of the following pictures are just SOME of the fabulous Exodi skins--in the first picture below is the jewelry set from Exodi as well as the top & jeans from W.o.E)
Then I got myself zombified--I'm sure my neighbors were thrilled!
The following picture was taken at the Murder at Skull Creek--it's a great sim! In the following picture are the Exodi Vamp newborn skin as well the "wear purple day" shirt from Miamai. (if you don't know why you should be wearing purple today (October 20) then see here:
I don't know how to do drow properly, but this skin is so beautiful, I don't think it matters!
Here's a ride to the start: You'll get a notecard that explains the details beginning with this sentence: "Rumors of my death have NOT been exaggerated!"--Dick Wiesel (of W.o.E.)
Do this hunt and have fun finding all of the won't be sorry!! oh, and I KNOW WHODUNNIT! On a side note, how could someone who's been murdered leave a quote about their death? hm...
*Shape worn in all photos: Shape it Up! Vivienne