Monday, February 14, 2011

I fell in love with a snake on Valentine's Day

Today, I fell in love with a snake.  I didn't want to, but it happened. 
In addition, I cheated on my laptop.  I took pictures on my husband's computer which is WAY more fired up than my laptop, and I don't think I'll ever go back!  OMG!

Let's start first with the snake with which I'm madly in love--it's a Valentine's Day gift from Pixel Mode!!!!  I'm jumping for joy because I missed the other deliveries she made of the leopard shoes but I was actually ON today and got the snakeskin shoes!!!  Oh for joy!!!!!!  I can be dead and buried in these!  *un photoshopped pictures coming up* 

I also received a lovely gift from Glam Affair-Eva for Valentine's Day!!  I'm in LOVE with their skins and just can't get enough!  

I also recieved a group gift from Emo-tions hair-*Celeste- but that's not all!  I also got cute heart eyelashes from A'vion!  I jumped into one of my stand-by designer's dresses-Digit Darkes -Barely in Mocha.  I miss Digit in sl SO much!!  I've been trying to talk her back into sl because she's so talented!! 
 Anyhoo--it's been an extremely fun Valentine's Day so far!  (I even met my husband for lunch and he's making a tremendous dinner for us of lamb, shrimp, asparagus & all kinds of good stuff--I can't wait!)  Happy Valentine's Day to you!  I hope you find love in a snake, too. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not free, but I love it!!

I love my KittyCats Kitty!  I'm in love with mah kitteh!!  She sleeps so cute in her little basket!!  uh mah gawd!  And then I bought this gorgeous Cheeky Pea set from Chic Limited that includes the chair, kitty bed and lamp and table and it's just 3 kinds of great!  Low-res picture, I apologize, but Maddy was laying in her bed so cutely, I just had to snap away!! 

Friday, February 11, 2011


Thanks to the masterful perfection of Luna Jubilee (I wish to one day be as great as she!) I jacked up the settings in my laptop (thank God for the fan!) and set to work on messing with shadows.  It's by no means great, but it's a start!

THANK YOU, LUNA!  The tutorial she posted on youtube was a great help, too!!  My poor lil lappy ran like a slug, but I intend to jump on hubby's computer Monday and mess some more!  yay!

Long time no see! I've got FREE!

Long time no see!  I've decided I need to get myself busier on this little bloggity blog, so today, I'm featuring some wonderfully free goodies and one not-so-free goodie.

The hat/hair was a great group gift last December from Truth Hawks and I hadn't taken the time to thank him and blog it.  It's a big ol' pack of all hair colors and the hat is scripted texture change so it's great for any winter-y ensemble.  Truthfully, I'm about tired of winter where I am, but it is nice to feel warm and this hair and hat do it for me. 
The coat and pants are part of a full outfit won in the midnight mania at AdN called Pure--always very generous with her midnight manias, this also comes with a cute pair of ugg boots, too. 
The shoes...oh the shoes!!  I've meant to buy these for so long and I finally did!  They graced the fashion feeds a while back, but they are still so fabulous, I had to have this pair!  Pixel Mode's Baby T's with anklet socks--I love them!  I also had to get another pair of the pumps without socks because they're so versatile.  I have to admit that BOTH times Tya has sent out the gift shoes in the subscribo, I've crashed or my gift shoes got sucked into the abyss!  CRY!!!!  I'm so jealous of the rest of you who got them--hug them for me!!  ;)
-Skin:  Dekade
-Shape:  shape being released soon at Shape it Up!
-Eyes:  Glam Affair-Stella