Sunday, June 28, 2009

Retro Swimsuit from Digit Darkes

There's a hunt at the SL 6th birthday sim from Digit Darkes & Baiastice, and I got this "retro mocha bikini" from Digit Darkes. There are 12 stars to find in the sky above, and at the landing point are some cyber skins & futuristic hairs & eyes.

The hair is from Hair Solutions, at the Hair Fair--this one's Victoria. Skin from Cupcakes, Shape is Robin, from Shape it Up! (Sale is still on!) Shoes are a freebie from a long time ago, by Fuel.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here's to Good Friends...Tonight is Kind of Special

Recently, I've reconnected with some of my "old" sl friends who had stepped away from sl for whatever reasons--real life got busy, changes in life, you know. A couple of weeks ago I reconnected with my friend, Forever, and it was so good to see her! We did silly things like we used to do, and it was so nice to sit and laugh & be silly! I've gotten far too busy with the shape biz and haven't played much at all. Working 8+ hours a day in rl plus coming home and working in sl was making me cranky. So, we went to RC Cluster. I freakin' love that store! I was determined to buy one of the sofa cusion forts, so I did it! yay! We took lots of pictures & even had a tea party. She was going for the Housewives of New Jersey look and I think se pulled it off! lol! Forever, thanks for being my friend, and although we can't hang out as much as we'd like, it sure is fun when we can. (huggggs!)

Another friend whom I've reconnected with is Kitana...well, that used to be her name until LL took over her account because she hadn't logged in for a couple of months--bastards! We got silly, too, and did some fishing at Katatonic--I tried to show here where the fish were. (OKAY, WHY CAN'T I MOVE MY PICTURES NOW! GRRRRRR)

King of Pop

We've all heard that Michael Jackson passed. It's weird...just weird. I believe he was such a musical genious and it's sad that it's ended.

Cheap Love Song put out a King of Pop shirt out for 0L and it's got the male or female version as well as all the layer options.

The jacket is from Aoharu and is not free. The skin is from Cupcakes--they put their grab bags out for 250L, and for each gift bag purchased, you got a 500L giftcard--nice deal, if you ask me, and I LOVE all the Cupcakes skins! Shoes are from Digit Darkes and not free. Jeans were a gift from Ibizarre from the Ghost Hunt '08. Earrings are from Chuculet's dollar store. Shape is Robin, from Shape it Up! where we're having a sale on all shapes only at our location at The Deck, and they're all 24L-74L. The hair is (I think) a Hair Fair 2008 gift from Magika.

I tried to get around Hair Fair 2009 and had a huge challenge. Although I think the idea of the design was cute, the lag killed me. I found a really cute hair by Curio and wanted to go back and get it but can't remember where, exactly, the location was. I had to tp out just to let the hair rez long enough to see if I liked it. I know, a lot of people complain about lag, and it's sort of the norm for Hair Fair, so I guess I'm no different. I did pick up a few, and a couple of freebies. I'm deciding whether or not I want to try to go back & get through the sludge...we'll see.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free goodness!

Free skin from Glance (look for the mirror on the front desk) *thanks to Suri Christen for the hint at Freestyle! You get 2 skins in this hunt and both are yummy!

The entire outfit including shoes came from DPD (Deux Petite Dahl) I'm pretty sure it was in the midnight mania, might be a different outfit now, but always worth checking it out. I think I got this one at the Le Zoo location.

Hair, free from the Truth sale...don't know if it's still going, but great free stuff! :)

Oh! and the SHAPE was free! Sophie is the shape in the free box at the Onyx Noir sim--Shape it Up!
**excuse the unediting of this picture**I really need to get to bed, I have to get to work at oh-dark-thirty. o.O

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ivalde is closing :(

It's a sad day...Ivalde is closing. It was one of the first stores I stumbled upon at Retrology when I'd first landed in sl and I fell in love, instantly. I couldn't wait to spend my lindens on my first dress, there.
Nef has been soo soo generous with her designs and gifts, she's truly a talent that will be missed. My only hope is that this is just, "so long, until we meet again" and not "goodbye".