Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank You, Designers!

This thank you is for Claire, at Symphony Skins (ltd edition skin) and the lovely ladies at House of Heart (this is the Tuli hair in brown). I'm still unpacking my boxes from the blogger appreciation, but I wanted to publicly thank you! (each of you who gave were more than generous to those of us who love to blog about your creations!)



Alice in Wonderland Hunt

Here's what you get at Reasonable Desires! The WHOLE outfit (sans shoes) for free! Look for the mirror!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank you, Callie Cline!!!

I first started buying caLLie cLine clothing when there was a "freebie geebie" week at Callie's so long ago. I ended up discovering her clothing and buying a lot, then. My friend, Alexanndrea and I, saw the model of the month contest and thought it would be really fun to enter, since we both LOVED caLLie's designs and share the same brain.

We chatted with caLLie and were in awe of how friendly she was and submitted our entries. WE WON!

caLLie was SO FUN to work with on the photo shoot, and very professional; lots of fun and I really knew that the she was as genuine as they come. We were featured in BoSL Magazine and I will never forget the honor. My friend, Alex, has since found other things to do but we keep in touch...we still talk about our caLLie experience with fond memories.
I'm looking for pictures of the 3 of us and now I'm not finding them! :( but, I do have a few of our photos of Alex and me. caLLie made it 3 kinds of fun! *btw, Callie, if you have them, I'd love a copy!*

My favorite all-time caLLie cReation:

Black Swan


To Callie Cline, for making a special group and an entire week of blogger appreciation, thank you! To all of her officers (I'm sorry I don't have them all at this moment) THANK YOU! I really hope the fashion bloggers group stays open because I've found it to be a wonderfully positive, supportive group of lovely people.
I'm still working to get all of my gifties opened and photos taken and blogged, but I want all of the designers who gave gifts to know that every day, you are the ones who make sl so special! I appreciate all of the time and effort it takes to create everything you do, and I admire it and am so grateful!!
Next, Sileny Noel and I have opened our first Shape it UP! Store at Dilly Dolls, and our main location will open this weekend! *I'm not in-world at this time, so I don't have pictures, but know that I will post them soon, as I've been so busy rl & sl!*
THERE ARE FREEBIES at our Dilly Dolls location! (please search for the Dilly Dolls sim & you'll find us on the tp pad) .
And, finally...I was extremely busy, last night with the FIVE! YES, FIVE new releases from Reasonable Desires!! I've been busy, but not as busy as Austie and Marti! WOW! If you like Alice in Wonderland, you have to stop by and pick up Oh Alice! Also, the awesomeness that is Queen of Hearts! Then, if goth is more your flavor, there are 3 new goth outfits that are way cool and combine leather & lace in a fabulous way! (Sileny said I need to make a post but since I was up so late with the release, I didn't get pics taken last night! But I will, tonite!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh for the love of generosity!

Oh wow...the generosity has been amazing!!! I am still going through all of the lovely gifts from the blogger appreciation week, and I took pictures of our garden party at Callie's place. Everyone was sooooooooooooooooo generous!!! Much love to the designers and bloggers and Callie! xooxoxoxo

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I probably should've found a cool place to take this picture, like Harold or something, but when I picked up this character skin in the Rockberry Skins group notice, I was inspired. I also picked up this free men's hair (thank you to the Freestyle blog for the tip) at Uncleweb (look around the front desk). I knew I had to wear an outfit from The Black Canary (not free, although it could be in Morrigan's lucky chair now.