Sunday, March 17, 2013

I've been fused pink!

Instead of feeling Irish green today, I went pink instead.  I did most of the Depraved Nation Pink Fusion Hunt.  One thing about this hunt is that each item is 5L and I sort of forgot that as I was making my way through it because I got that "kill it and drag it home" mentality that THIS was the hunt I was going to finish!!  I also didn't have my hunt partner today or it probably would've gotten worse but I ran on my alt as she's very neglected and poor.
I used to do hunts all the time when I was "slyounger" and I had forgotten that it was because of these that I found some of my favorite stores.  While this isn't entirely free, 5L isn't much to part with for the quality of items you get and if you want to just land at the stores you like you can check the list in the link above to see pictures of what you'll get.
The one thing I REALLY wanted to get is the one from Deer.  It's some really cool shoes that I know my alt (and my main avi) would wear a lot!  *If you know where that thing is, hit me with an i.m. and let me know because I was stumped there for quite awhile.*
So here's what I got:
Hair: Truth  (Not free)
Skin: Modish  (PF Hunt)
Dress:  [Sakide]  (PF Hunt)
Mesh Eyes: Modish (Depraved Nation Group Gift)
Tattoos: Endless Pain (PF Hunt)
Piercing:  Hebenon Vial
Armband:  Kennedy's Armband (Depraved Nation Group Gift)
Fingernails/Rings:  SuPerBia NaiLs (PF Hunt)
Shoes:  Forsaken (Shop Free*Style)
(Shape is not for sale yet - still tweaking it for my store - Shape it Up!)
Oh!  I went to a FREE Photo Studio with all the lights, pose stand, etc [Appartment Life]

Happy Hunting!

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