Thursday, March 14, 2013

Epic Conquer of Twisted Hunt!

My friend Kitana and I were hunting again!  By the way, it's so good to have a friend to go on all of the fun slhunts!!!  This time, it was the Twisted Hunt Spring 2013 Delirium.

I gotta' throw out the first disclaimer that I didn't do *all* of the spots because I'm also a participant and blah blah blah, busy blah, too lazy, blah...  However, Kitana is a diehard hunter and has to complete each hunt from start to finish!  Disclaimer number 2:  I've decided that I really need to get on my poor overlooked alt so that my main inventory stops exploding beyond recognition.  With that said, I picked up from the landmark after my store, Shape it Up!   and she and I completed each stop with a few photo ops on the way.  We got really excited at one of the locations because we both found the spinning cube at the same time.  Thus, the banana dance.  We gesturebate when we're together.  Don't judge.
(me on the left, Kitana on the right)

We hunted until we got to the very end where you go through the abandoned hospital to toward the finish line...oooooooh veddy crrreeepy!! It was so creepy I thought I was gonna' die!

Then you're dropped into a labyrinth of cubes.

Finally, and I won't tell you how, we made it to the very last piece of the hunt!  The Final Prize room!!  All in a days' work for us.

The Twisted Hunt is one you don't want to miss, because so many of the participants have outstanding gifts and go out of their way to make it amazing with incredible gifts, hunts within the hunt, decoys, gachas and more. And...if you're tough enough to get through the ENTIRE hunt without losing your mind, you get a special survivor tag that's worth all of the bragging rights.  Join the Twisted Hunt Group and don't miss this one!

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