Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pink Elephants - Something Old, Something New

Hi ya!  Long time no see!  My current rl work situation allows me to have more time and less money...funny how that works.  Anyway, I'm doing the MegaStuff Hunt and pulled together a little something old and something new for this post.
My inspiration was the gift that .:KnocKerRs:. had for the MegaStuff Hunt I pulled together some "old" things I had in my inventory -  because I've also been digging through my inventory of SO many things I rarely wear  -  to put this look together.  (Bear with my editing because my hard drive crashed and I lost my CS5.) The items you won't find in-world any longer are the shoes & cuffs.  
The good news is that Kalnins is now designing for Redgrave so you can find similar shoes there, the bad news is Digit Darkes is unfortunately no longer in-world.  I miss her so much!  So get out hunting and feel free to grab me if you know of any other hunts going on...they will be in my future for awhile.  Happy Hunting!


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